INFRASLIM London Cellulite Treatment


Promotes natural muscle recovery while reducing the accumulation of cellulite

This unique device promotes healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage, directly stimulating muscular recovery. It also reduces the formation of cellulite and scar tissue.

  • Accelerates natural healing and muscle recovery
  • Reduces soreness, inflammation, stiffness, and discomfort
  • Improves muscular mobility and flexibility
  • Boosts healthy blood flow and elevates lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces the presence and volume of cellulite

ingenious tool that benefits musculoskeletal functionality and health in a variety of ways. The roller operates by providing a dynamic, body part-specific massage that is specifically designed around promoting blood circulation to both shallow and deep muscle tissue. The massage also stimulates the drainage of lymph fluid and toxins from the skin and muscle tissue, an essential process for the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system of the body.

This combined stimulation of both blood flow and lymphatic drainage paired with massage therapy has been shown to significantly increase muscle flexibility, recovery, and even reduce discomfort. For this reason, the CelluBlast Lymphatic Massage Roller is an essential tool for use in settings such as rehabilitation centers, physical therapy clinics, and fitness centers, as it can promote healthy recovery and safe development of muscle tissue.