OUR Story

What makes us different

Welcome to INFRASLIM London.

Our story starts back in 2010. We opened our doors to serve our local clients with our basic beauty treatments. Quickly we became well known across London for our famous waxing and beauty skills. Clients travelled to us from north London to have their Lycon wax. Our Buttocks treatments were booked up  1 months in advance.. ( still are).

As we grew, we started to introduce Advanced Facial and Body Treatments, including Medik8 Facial, 3D Lipo Body Contouring Treatments, Fat Freezing, Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio frequency Skin tightening, Hyaluron Lip fillers, Fat Dissolving, Cellulite treatments, Pressotherapy, Body Wraps.

In 2020 we ungraded our machinery, we introduced INFRASLIM > which was a huge success! in 2021 we started to offer HIEMT, Nutritional Consulting and Beauty Supplements.

We have created a unique concept that is only available at INFRASLIM London, a concept that works! Clients are happy, feedback is amazing.

We continue to help our clients on their weight loss journey.

We have been awarded in 2019, 2020 and 2021,  nominated in 2022.


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